Why S-East Wants State Police, Residents Speak: Insecurity

As of late, Northern pioneers, drove by the lead representatives and rulers, required the reception of State police as an approach to handling the frailty desolating the country. This is against the place of Northern lead representatives and pioneers who until recently solidly went against state police. Is Nigeria really ready for State police and is it the most ideal choice to handle weakness? What’s the most effective way to design and subsidize it? South East inhabitants talk.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo invites state police, saying it has been pushing for it for a really long time. Talking through the Public Exposure Secretary, Dr. Alex Chiedozie Ogbonnia, Ohanaeze Ndigbo states: “We are especially glad that the Northern lead representatives have understood the requirement for State police in the country. Preferably, there is not really any federalism on the planet that works a one level security engineering. It is extremely informative that the Nigerian League is excessively humongous for the government security administrations. The idea of State Police is to expand or supplement the government security administrations. There should be at least three degrees of safety outfits in each obvious league.

“The Ohanaeze idea of Ebubeagu is a reaction to the desolating weakness in the country. The platitude that security is an aggregate liability promptly rings a bell. Accordingly, Ohanaeze Ndigbo accepts that those that will serve in the Ebubeagu Security outfit ought to go through thorough validity examination and generally authorize by the customary rulers in the different independent networks.

For retired Major-General Ijioma Nwokoro Ijioma, state police is ideal but state governments should not be allowed to determine the organisational structure. Rather, Gen. Ijioma wants the Federal Government to set up the structure in order to maintain a uniform code.

“If they have resolved to bring state police, my take is that the Federal Government should be there to determine a uniform structure for them. Their training should be the responsibility of the Federal Government so as to maintain a uniform code and administration.

“States should not be allowed to run it as they like. The existing Police training institutions will be responsible for training the personnel so they can have the same standard,” the retired general said.

He, however, said that states would be allowed to have absolute say over funding, saying: “Since it is State Police, states should be allowed to provide their funding.”

He advised that Nigeria should learn from Western countries where state police are in operation to avoid abuse as already being witnessed in some states with regional security outfit like Ebubeagu.

His words: “The main issue is that when we were growing up, there was a standard security system where everybody was his brother’s keeper. We had the usual neighbourhood watch and people contributed to fund them. If the local government system had been active, many things would have been in place. Let the communities and local government sponsor the local police or neighbourhood watch, the governors can take care of the state police while the Federal Government fund the Federal Police.”

According to a security consultant, Mr. Bright Collins Nduka, although the governors are chief security officers of their respective states, the issue of state police is still the exclusive preserve of the Federal Government and the only thing the governors can do is to support Police Commands in their states until there is constitutional provision for state police.

Nduka said: “We knew that it was premature for the governors to be talking about state police knowing the processes required for it to materialize. Even in the interim, it is still difficult to collectively fund any security outfit by governors. The best each state could do is to safeguard its area using their local vigilante in whatever name, until the constitution provides for state police.”

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